Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Red Bank Teachers

Our CEHD students teaching in Red Bank
Hello blog followers, friends, and family! It’s crazy to think we’ve already been here in Belize for five days! We’ve had the chance to pet jaguars, swim with sea turtles, nurse sharks, and stingrays, hold a snake, and listen to cultural music and dancing. Today we finally went to the classrooms, met the students, taught lessons, and did our diagnostic interviews. I taught a mini lesson on volume using water in different sized cylinders at Red Bank in a standard 6 classroom (8th grade in U.S.). The students were very excited to meet us all and loved using the manipulatives we brought. I already feel that I’ve bonded with many of the students, and they really love getting their picture taken! I’m eager to show the students and teachers how to incorporate manipulatives into the math curriculum and I’m also eager to learn from the teachers here. I’m beyond grateful to be given this opportunity. These past few days have been a great experience and there’s plenty more to come!
-Rebecca Carroll
Greetings from Belize to all of our supporters as well as family! Today was the first day of teaching in the schools and overall it was a success. In my lesson today I taught the concept of volume to my Infant 2 students (which is equivalent to second grade.) I used both beakers filled with water as well as paper that they formed into cylinders in order help with their understanding of volume. In all the lesson went well, and the students really enjoyed playing with the cylinders and cotton balls.  My experiences today taught me that teaching isn’t simply a job it is a passion. Our UofL students are here because we have a passion for learning as well as a passion for students. We go above and beyond to ensure that our students will gain a conceptual understanding in addition to providing a fun activity. I am so thankful for this opportunity and appreciate all the support we are receiving on this blog. Thanks for keeping up with our blog and continue to read our posts. Much love from Belize!
-Brittany Farrell




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