Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Red Bank - Day 2

Hello Family and Friends,
Since the moment I arrived at the Red Bank Schools in Belize, I have learned more than I ever imagined. The teachers and students here have been extremely welcoming. I came here expecting to teach the students and they have taught me more than I ever thought possible. They are happy regardless of their situation, and they are excited to learn and engage with manipulatives.  The best part of this whole trip is seeing the smile on their faces when they finally understand a concept. That smile that they give me melts my heart. I am excited to engage with the students and teachers for the rest of the week, and I know that leaving them will be difficult. I feel like I am part of the Red Bank School. Being a teacher here in Belize helps me to realize that lesson plans are never concrete. Conceptual understanding is essential, and that students feed off positive reinforcement. After this teaching experience, I feel that I can take on any experience that comes my way. This trip has changed me as a person, and I will never look at life and teaching in the same way.
Sarah Richard





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