Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday...A Day to Rest and Reflect

We spent the day getting a little rest and relaxation before heading back to the schools early Monday morning. One of the many things we have learned about education in Belize is that kids do not take it for granted. Children who want to go to high school must take an entrance exam and if they do not pass, they cannot go. They only get one chance to take the test. We cannot imagine what kind of pressure that must be for some of the kids. Some of our CEHD students who are teaching in Georgetown High School shared their thoughts on what they have learned from their students:

"Kids really do value education here. They work hard and really want to learn."
Shehan Jordan

"I don't think kids in the U.S. really know how lucky they are. This has been a great learning experience for me."
Keisha Benson

"It has really shown me that kids are kids no matter where they're from. But here in Belize the value of education is instilled in them when they are young. It makes a huge difference in the teaching and learning experience in the classroom."
Morgan Tutt

"They are very respectful of teachers and don't tolerate other classmates interrupting class. We've had to substitute teach a few times and the kids were great--doesn't usually go that well for substitute teachers in the U.S."
Samantha Schmidt

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