Wednesday, May 7, 2014


As we packed up our belongings and began our journey home, we reflected on our time spent in Belize. The past twelve days have been some of the most adventurous, challenging, and emotional that we have experienced, but they are ones that we will never forget. From the very first day that we arrived at the schools we were greeted by students and teachers who welcomed us into their classrooms and lives. It was amazing to see and experience the happiness and community that were present in each of the villages. We went into this experience expecting to be the ones that would be doing the teaching, but in the end we realized that these students and their teachers have taught us more than we could have ever imagined. We were taught to find joy and happiness in the little things and that teaching is more than just reciting a lesson plan; it is pouring everything that you have into providing for students the love and academic support they need to achieve their dreams. The lessons, love, and voices of the students, teachers, and the country will forever be etched in our hearts. Words cannot express how thankful we are that we were given this opportunity to teach with a group of amazing teachers, classmates, and professors. It has been an experience that has changed how we view the world, life, and education. While our time here was short, the memories that we have made will last a life time.

-Rachel Williams and Anna Doll

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