Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rainforest Adventure

Today, we went on an adventure of a lifetime, that this post, or pictures, can’t possible do justice. We started out by visiting the Maya Mountains and all decided to take the “strenuous path”….well let me tell you, the name wasn’t lying! During our trek up and down the mountain, we had some laughs, some scares, and countless views that took our breath away. Over the 2+ hours, we hiked 1000ft to the top of a mountain. There we saw some of the tallest peaks in the Maya Mountain range. It didn’t hurt that we got a great leg work out on the way up… just saying, us Senior girls are going to have some killer legs for graduation (you won’t be able to miss them at the ceremony, so keep an eye out!).

Once we got to the top of the mountain, took about a zillion pictures, and caught our breaths, we decided to hike down the backside of the mountain to a waterfall. Well, of course with it being the rainforest, during our 500m trip (literally!) it started to not just rain, but have a full on downpour. Thanks Belize for letting your forest live up to its name, our clothes and minds will never forget it. So, after the long and slippery journey down the backside, we finally reached the waterfall we set out to see. We can all honestly say that we have never seen a more beautiful sight. The water there was a crystal clear as you can imagine! It even tempted many of us to jump right in. But of course, knowing our parents would inevitably see the pictures, we decided against it (you’re welcome Mom and Dad); Well, that and the fact that there was a huge sign that said “no jumping!” After about 20min of taking in the scenery, we decided that the thunder was a good sign that it was time to head back. And let us just tell you, if we thought the journey DOWN to the waterfall was rough, we had no idea what the terrain mixed with rain had in store for us all.   After countless slips, scares, and falls, we made it back to the top. From there we decided to continue with our pattern, and proceeded to slip, slide, and scare ourselves ALL the way back down the entire mountain! Needless to say (considering we are writing this blog) we all made it back safe and sound. While this trip was definitely the workout we HADN’T expected, it definitely made for an experience we will never forget. Belize is truly a place that has captured our hearts…and our sweat (particularly this rainforest). Anyway, we are so thankful for the people (including all of you reading this) who have made this trip possible. We have learned so much about the culture, teaching, and ourselves, and will be forever changed because of it.

Lauren Heckman
Katelyn Otte

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