Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Red Bank Reflection - Day 2

Today was our second day at Red Bank.  We had a great day at school today!  We created a pictograph with our students about their favorite fruits to learn more about them.  Our students were able to successfully analyze the data and perform critical thinking.  It was a successful lesson!  Our teachers enjoyed our lessons so much that they asked us for our lesson plans and materials.  We spent part of the day playing games outside with our students and getting to know them better.  We even got the privilege to walk a student into his village to see his home and meet his family.  This was such an eye opening experience, and we have learned to be more grateful for the things that we have.  It was a very rewarding day!  To top it off, we able to get a “50 cent” tour of Independence and the beach.
-Chelsey Yates and Kelsey Kline  


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