Monday, April 21, 2014

ITE April 2014 Team Members

After hours of preparation, several class meetings, collecting a mountain of mathematics supplies, and packing them all up to take with us; our team of faculty, staff and students are finally packed and ready for the ITE 2014.  We hope that you will enjoy following our blog.  Faculty, staff and students will post reflections each day as we travel, teach, and learn.

The April team members are:
Cristen Arvin
Keisha Benson
Kaylinn Brooks
Tessa Burke
Anna Doll
Melani Earnheart
Ashley Gabhart
Lauren Heckman
Louis Jackson
Shehan Jordan
Kelsey Kline
Tyler McCauley
Katelynn Otte
Amy Riordan
Samantha Schmidt
Lauren Smith
Morgan Tutt
Emily Walls
Rachel Williams
Chelsey Yates

Dr. Karen Karp
Dr. Margaret Pentecost
Dorothy Vittitow
Heather Adkins

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